Facilitation for Self-Healing

It is my goal to facilitate your self-healing through energy work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and connection to nature. I help clients identify and move through past traumas.

Div Background
Div Background

Powerful Re-framing

A session with me is neither cold nor impersonal where I give you ‘therapy’. It is a collaborative partnership with positive results. We might spend a session in kayaks or on the bank of a river rather than in a cold office. There might be as much laughter as tears.

I offer powerful re-framing and clarity in understanding to help my clients better integrate past events and to release long-held trauma.


Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Introductory 1 hour session: $100

Single individual session (1 hour): $130

 also accepted

Connection to nature

As we work together, I will share with you my understandings and methods. You will find that they are simple, intuitive, effective and easily implemented.

Are you ready to regain yourself?